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Family Joules

by Foghat

Released 2003
Besh Records
Released 2003
Besh Records
A legendary classic rock 'n roll...
'FAMILY JOULES' is a collection of thirteen new, incredible songs from one of the hardest-working, and longest running rock bands in music history. Since 1971 FOGHAT has been giving the fans what they've wanted, great Rock 'n Roll music, and this CD is no exception. It is a real collaboration with all four members of the band bringing song ideas to the project. The boys say they had a great time making this record and those good vibes come across on every track. It was truly an experience watching this 'work' unfold as they each brought ideas and/or nearly completed songs to the table each day and then worked their magic and 'PUT THE HAT ON IT' to give each track it's finishing touch.

For the production of this project Bryan Bassett (Foghat's multi-talented lead-guitarist) put together a mobile digital recording studio (The Blue Brain Mobile Unit) and set up in Studio C at Pyramax Studios in Lake Helen, Florida. The sessions were then transferred to ProTools and mixed by Bryan in The Blue Brain Immobile Unit (Bryan's home studio) with help from Tony Stevens and Foghat's 'live sound guy' Carl Davino. Bob Katz at Digital Domain did the mastering. "Family Joules" was produced by "Foghat" and is released on their own BESH records.

The reviews from fans and DJ's thus far have been fantastic. The rhythm section comprised of original members Roger Earl and Tony Stevens is as solid & dynamic as ever in laying down that Foghat groove. Bryan Bassett is just incredible on lead and slide guitar with some of the most exciting guitar around today...and Charlie Huhn ignites the band with his amazing vocals, incredible range, and some truly great guitar playing.

'FAMILY JOULES' we think, will go down as one of the best in Foghat's long history of great recordings!

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Family Joules
(BESH 6470)

Foghat is one of rock¹s truly timeless bands. After all these years, and the passing of band leader Lonesome Dave Peverett, the group continues to rock the nation to its core with a line up that includes original members
Roger Earl and Tony Stevens, along with Bryan Bassett (Molly Hatchet / Wild Cherry) and the very excellent
lead singer and guitarist Charlie Huhn.

The radio-friendly album kicks off with the Huhn-penned 'Mumbo Jumbo', whichsets the stage for some mighty fine rock-n-roll. While 'Joules' is most definitely well-produced with excellent musicianship, it would be nothing
without some good songs, and the band rises to the challenge. They deliver 13 new songs of great depth and variety. 'Flat Busted' is perfect for radio, and 'I¹m a Rock-N-Roller' finds Huhn sounding more than a little like BonScott.

The soul and spirit of the seventies is here, but by no means is this a nostalgia trip. It¹s a powerful, electric, monster, blues-rock record of great merit. With 'Family Joules', the new line up of the band has proven itself a worthy successor to the band¹s long, rich history. This one ranks right alongside Foghat¹s best albums ever.
Michael Buffalo Smith

Foghat Plays Fantasy Springs Sat. Feb. 28, 7 and 9 p.m. by: Edward Munson
Joule: a unit of work or (electrical) energy. "We aren't kids any more, are we," I said to Roger Earl last week. Roger agrees, "No we certainly are not. But you know, when we're up on stage rockin' we do feel like we did in the early days.".Bryan [Bassett] said it well in the CD liner notes. "We have had babies born and watched loved ones and music traveling along together...that is what I take away as my prize, my Family Jewels. Or, with a little spark of Rock & Roll electricity...Joules."As I write this, I am listening to Family Joules and the music is both new and fresh and old and familiar, with 13 all-new tunes that evoke memories of some rockin' good times in the 1970s and keep me rockin' now.Signed by Albert Grossman to Bearsville Records in 1971, the band recorded their first self-titled LP, Foghat, and began touring relentlessly for the next 14 years.Their hard work has thus far been rewarded with seven Gold records, one Platinum record Fool For The City (1975), and one Double-Platinum record, Foghat Live (1977).The Fool For The City album contained Foghat's trademark Top 40 hit song Slow Ride and cemented their place as one of the world's top Rock acts.They continued to hit the charts in the 1970s with singles such as Fool For The City, Drivin' Wheel, I Just Wanna Make Love To You, I'll Be Standing By, Stone Blue, Third Time Lucky and Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed, many of which are still classic Rock radio staples.The reviews of Family Joules from fans and DJs have been fantastic as the band's rhythm section is comprised of original members Roger Earl (drums) and Tony Stevens (bass). Bryan Bassett (lead/slide guitar), has been with the group for several years after touring with Molly Hatchet and Wild Cherry and Charlie Huhn (lead vocals/guitar), formerly with Humble Pie, Ted Nugent and Victory joined the band in the later part of 2000.The band has had it's ups and downs, taking a break in the '80s and reuniting in 1994 only to lose Lonesome Dave Peverett in early 2000."We were devastated," says Roger. "We've always been a band, a family, together, not someone out front on stage with a big ego. We are our own managers and everything clears through the lot of us."We have two or three generations coming to concerts; even 12-year-olds. Our catalog continues to sell well through Rhino Records. We are very excited to be touring for Family Joules. We might be older now with families, but we are still Rock n' Rollers and we just love to play for our fans."It's great when a veteran band puts out fresh, energetic music. Check it out.

Latest Release "Foghat LIVE at the Belly Up"

Summer of 2016 we recorded our live show at The Belly Up in beautiful Solana Beach, California and it is now available for download on their website: ! Check it out...

"Recorded on August 11, 2016, Live at The Belly Up opens with the one-two punch of “Fool For The City” and “Eight Days on the Road” and doesn’t let up until the last note of the raucous 10 minute, no-holds-barred set closer “Slow Ride.” The album also features three tracks from Foghat’s 2016 release Under The Influence making their live recording debut: “Under The Influence,” “Knock It Off,” and “Hot Mama.”

Track Listing
1. Fool For The City / Eight Days On The Road (Live)
2. Under The Influence (Live)
3. Stone Blue (Live)
4. Drivin' Wheel (Live)
5. Knock it Off (Live)
6. Terraplane Blues (Live)
7. Hot Mama (Live)
8. California Blues (Live)
9. I Just Wanna Make Love To You (Live)
10. Slow Ride (Live)

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