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Last Train Home

by Foghat

Released 2010
Foghat Records
Released 2010
Foghat Records
Foghat's "Last Train Home" is a fabulous trip back to where it all began, delivered via a collection of scorching songs that showcase just how hard this band works not only for their fans, but for their own legacy as well.,, “… by Matt Parrish

Goldmine Magazine Pick of the week – June 9, 2010
“….. The original songs are just as good as the blues covers. “Last Train Home” may be the best song on the album. With a riff that would make Joe Perry envious, the song rides like a freight train tempting you to jump aboard. Real crossroads-type stuff made contemporary. And what a guitar opener to “Born for the Road.” The guitar introduces the song with slick-like persuasion and gets nasty real fast, and it has an instant stickiness, like the good ‘ol recognizable grit of a barroom floor.
The lead guitar of Bryan Bassett is outstanding on the disc, pure electricity in every note. Listen to the lead solos on the first two songs — “Born for the Road” or “Needle & Spoon” (over a minute of electric guitar bliss) — to become a convert of the new Foghat faithful instantly. The guitar solo in Otis Rush’s “So Many Roads, So Many Trains” has the same melancholic, soul-ripping touch as Jimmy Page on “Since I’ve Been Loving You.” Not quite that brilliant but damn good….” Goldmine Magazine – by Pat Prince **** - Editor’s Pick of the Week
“The classic rock band Foghat has just released a hard rockin’ blues style CD entitled "Last Train Home." This CD is simply brilliant and should help re-establish Foghat as one of the most electrifying bands on the planet.” By Thomas S. Orwat Jr. ________________________________________________________________________________

“The good news is it’s an excellent album. It retains a hard edge which should please their fans, but their immersion in the blues should gain them new ones.” by David Bowling

"From artwork to liner notes to (of course) the music, Last Train Home is one of 2010's
standout titles that you really must add to your music library, to play again and again!"
By Dave Johnson, host of the nationally-syndicated Blues Deluxe radio program.

“Holy crap, what a tremendous album, perfectly performed, ridiculous musicianship and tremendous song selection. Nice to see "Shake Your $-Maker" on there as the first time they ever played it live in public was on their Rockline concert. "Louisiana Blues!". Hell yeah, take me back to Savoy Brown just tearing up a Willie Dixon song! This is a killer album bristling with passion and respect for the genre, British Blues at it's absolute best….

"Born for the Road" and "Last Train Home" are my favorites, but it's all killer, no filler. Savoy's Chris Youlden's song is a nice touch too and a that's a great version of "Needle and Spoon". Congratulations to all involved. THIS is how its done. Bless you, we needed this. Beautiful.” By Bob Coburn

“… Not only does the disc exceed expectations, it’s a thrilling listen returning Foghat to its blues roots complete with a guest appearance by the legendary Eddie ‘Bluesman’ Kirkland on the five-minute scorcher “In My Dreams” and the bar room boogie “Good Good Day…. - Todd K Smith, Editor

“With the knowledge that "it's the blues that just about every rock 'n' roll style is built upon," Foghat has crafted a CD of blues-drenched rhythms, salty "my baby done left me" lyrics and vintage rock stylings “ Sonya Alexander – The Examiner
The Netherlands: “With the first song, the energetic “Born For The Road” the direction of the album is set immediately. Uptempo rock ‘n roll with the blues peeking around the corner.

One thing is for sure, whether you like Rock, Blues, Rock inspired Blues, Blues-based or Blues inspired Rock, you “need to”, “have to”, and after just one listen, will “want to” and be “driven to” go out and get this album. This is the kind of album that bands dream of creating, and it is very evident that they have lived out their dreams here. Perhaps “Field Of Dreams” isn’t just the stuff of movies. I can tell you, after listening to this album, that dreams really, really do come true!! Don’t miss your “Train”!!! by Mark Lewis

“…However, since their ancestry traces back to a very successful British blues/rock band called Savoy Brown, Foghat certainly does have blues in their blood. "Last Train Home" is proof of that….This caliber of a band could easily make this type of a disc with a bunch of well know blues standards and get away it. However, that didn't happen. Along with several of their own personal blues favorites and two of Eddie's masterpieces, there are three very well done Foghat originals…” Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro
…”With their 21st recording, legendary blues-rockers Foghat once again prove that they’re never content to just sit on their asses and simply enjoy the ride” by Jeff O’Kelley
“Listening to Last Train Home, it’s pretty clear that these guys still can tear down the house with some scorching blues rock ‘n’ boogie.” By Peter Pardo
Who couldn’t love the nasty slide guitar of Bryan Bassett and Charlie Huhn's raspy vocal on opener "Born for the Road"? Roger Earl's brother Colin takes to the piano on "Needle & Spoon." By the time we get to the title track, we are in some really delicious commercial blues wailing, especially with Bassett's slide. Indeed, "Last Train Home" could be a hit single. We get a remake of "Shake Your Monkey Maker" showcasing Earl's solid drum work, while brother Colin returns for more piano and Lefty "Sugar Lips" Lefkowitz blows some ridicules smart harp. By Ralph Greco Jr.

Latest Release "Foghat LIVE at the Belly Up"

Summer of 2016 we recorded our live show at The Belly Up in beautiful Solana Beach, California and it is now available for download on their website: ! Check it out...

"Recorded on August 11, 2016, Live at The Belly Up opens with the one-two punch of “Fool For The City” and “Eight Days on the Road” and doesn’t let up until the last note of the raucous 10 minute, no-holds-barred set closer “Slow Ride.” The album also features three tracks from Foghat’s 2016 release Under The Influence making their live recording debut: “Under The Influence,” “Knock It Off,” and “Hot Mama.”

Track Listing
1. Fool For The City / Eight Days On The Road (Live)
2. Under The Influence (Live)
3. Stone Blue (Live)
4. Drivin' Wheel (Live)
5. Knock it Off (Live)
6. Terraplane Blues (Live)
7. Hot Mama (Live)
8. California Blues (Live)
9. I Just Wanna Make Love To You (Live)
10. Slow Ride (Live)

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